“The Urbanisation of the Sea” book review by BRF co-founder is now available

Blue Revolution Foundation co-founder Rutger De Graaf-van Dinther reviewed the book ‘The ‘Urbanisation of the Sea’ edited by Carola Hein and Nancy Couling.

The review was published by Water Governance Tijdschrift.

Summary of the book: “Port city expert Carola Hein, professor of the history of architecture & urban planning at Delft University of Technology, and Nancy Couling, associate professor at the Bergen School of Architecture and researcher of the urbanised sea, combine forces with interdisciplinary experts to guide the reader through this complex and fascinating topic. By taking a unique interdisciplinary approach, the authors of this book develop striking new insights and create a conceptual foundation to develop an integrated future perspective for the North Sea. An area that is of vital importance for the Netherlands and North-West Europe.”

Read the full issue here (Pp.78-81, 01/2021).

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