Special CAS21 discount for newly published Climate Resilient Urban Areas book

In celebration of the Climate Action Summit 2021, publisher Palgrave Macmillan has a 20% discount on the book Climate Resilient Urban Areas.

The book has been edited by Blue Revolution, co-founder Rutger De Graaf-van Dinther with co-authors including Henk Ovink, Arnoud Molenaar, Floris Boogaard, Nanco Dolman, Jeroen Rijke, Derk Loorbach, Margo Van Den Brink, Jeroen Kluck, Dr. Matthew F., Frans van de Ven, Fransje Hooimeijer and many other great contributors.

The book:
• Describes the urgent challenge faced by cities worldwide to become resilient to climate change impacts
• Explores how the resilience journey for coastal cities in particular encompasses using scientific knowledge but also the knowledge of citizens and practitioners
• Is a valuable resource for scholars, students, practitioners and policy makers interested in the development of resilient and sustainable urban environments

View the special offer here or order your copy here.

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