Special CAS21 discount for newly published Climate Resilient Urban Areas book

In celebration of the Climate Action Summit 2021, publisher Palgrave Macmillan has a 20% discount on the book Climate Resilient Urban Areas, edited by Blue Revolution, co-founder Rutger De Graaf-van Dinther with co-authors including Henk Ovink, Arnoud Molenaar, Floris Boogaard, Nanco Dolman, Jeroen Rijke, Derk Loorbach, Margo Van Den Brink, Jeroen Kluck, Dr. Matthew F., Frans van de Ven, Fransje Hooimeijer and many other great contributors.

The book:
• Describes the urgent challenge faced by cities worldwide to become resilient to climate change impacts
• Explores how the resilience journey for coastal cities in particular encompasses using scientific knowledge but also the knowledge of citizens and practitioners
• Is a valuable resource for scholars, students, practitioners and policy makers interested in the development of resilient and sustainable urban environments

View the special offer here or order your copy here.

Thinktank session features Students from Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions

Our Thinktank Governance of Floating Cities had an inspiring thinktank session with students of the MADE(Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering) master students at the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS Institute) presented their paper on Floating Cities:

“Our research paper presents that climate change is one of the most important socio-ecological issues of the 21st century. The floating city is seen as one of the solutions for the metropolitan challenges that arise from climate change; however, this solution comes with its own urban challenges. Therefore, this paper aimed to develop an integral problem definition of challenges in the establishment of the floating city by looking into three dimensions: technical challenges, social challenges, and governing challenges. The interviews we conducted was key to approach the research questions.”

To learn more about the work of the Blue Revolution think tank click here.

Innovating in times of crisis: Digital Thinktank Governance of Floating Cities

Last week the first international and first digital meeting of the Thinktank of Governance of Floating Cities of the BlueRevolution Foundation!

The Thinktank Governance of floating cities consists of an interdisciplinary group of leading experts brought together by the Stichting Blue Revolution Foundation. The main objective of the Thinktank is to build insights related to the necessary governance and societal implementation mechanisms to realize floating cities. The contribution of the Thinktank mainly consists of a reflection on the social, legal and administrative feasibility of floating developments, the assessment of the social relevance of research questions of floating projects and the exploration of the potential of large-scale social and scientific breakthroughs. Last week experts from the Netherlands, US and Panama joined the digital meeting to engage in the discussion of the future of humanity on the water.

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