“Floating Future” proposal submitted!

The consortium of the Floating Future met for the last time on the 13th of January at MARIN to discuss and improve the interdisciplinary proposal before submitting to NWO 

Spearheaded by MARIN (Maritime Research Institute of the Netherlands) and co-initiated by Blue Revolution Foundation, the Floating Future consortium brings together a group of interdisciplinary researchers and experts in the field of floating development. Together the consortium proposes to implement climate-proof floating solutions to deal with challenges such as space limitation in Dutch Delta areas. This was a great opportunity to team up and explore together possibilities of implementing floating islands for societal, industrial, and ecological win-wins. By leveraging the benefits of floating developments, we can create climate-proof solutions for housing, energy, and logistics that are both sustainable and resilient.


The proposal National Research Initiative “Floating Future” was submitted to NWO (Dutch National Science Organization) by MARIN on the 24th of January. We are confident about the quality of our proposal and look much forward to sharing our project knowledge internationally. Should the proposal be granted, our consortium will disseminate the knowledge and expand the network in floating development, showing the world visionary leadership and creating a sustainable and climate resilient future for the Netherlands.


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