Floating Building Think Tank: Sustainability and ecological impact

An inspiring conversation took place at yesterday’s ThinkTank event

Blue21 architect and researcher, Barbara Dal Bo Zanon, shared findings from her ongoing research on the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) framework for floating development, a niche but growing market. Together with Rui Pedroso de Lima from INDYMO, Barbara emphasizes the importance of a regenerative approach and long-term monitoring of the ecosystem. The two researchers address questions such as how to go beyond negative impact minimization, while coping with environmental challenges and strengthening ecosystem resilience.

“A shift from a mechanistic to a holistic worldview is needed to truly coexist with nature and create a sustainable future. We need to see humans as part of the natural world, rather than separate from it.”

Moreover, a guest student from the Weitzman School of Design at the University of Pennsylvania also joined the discussion, Natalie Perri. Natalie shared her ongoing master’s research on climate-resilient floating urban developments for small island nations such as Kiribati and Maldives. Her unique designs explore innovative floating infrastructure solutions for people facing mass displacement due to the climate crisis. It was wonderful to see more young talents being inspired and working on floating solutions! Let’s implement them together.

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