The objectives of Stichting Blue Revolution Foundation are:

  • Creating a global awareness of the urgency and possibility of using the water surface for food supply and urbanization.

  • Developing and commissioning a research agenda for the realization of floating projects and floating cities.

  • Promoting research for the development of floating cities.

Think Tank

Governance of Floating Cities

The Thinktank Governance of Floating Cities is the main activity of Stichting Blue Revolution Foundation and consists of an interdisciplinary group of leading experts. The group meets regularly. The main objective of the Thinktank is to build insights related to the necessary governance and societal implementation mechanisms to realize floating cities. The contribution of the Thinktank mainly consist of a reflection on the social, legal and administrative feasibility of floating developments, the assessment of the social relevance of research questions of floating projects and the exploration of the potential of large-scale social and scientific breakthroughs.

Last year the Thinktank advised on a legislative initiative. The Thinktank considers the lack of adequate regulation of the governance of floating constructions still a major obstacle for large scale implementation. In particular uncertainties related to the legal status and permitting stand in the way of a large scale breakthrough of floating urban development. The legislative initiative addressed a specific problem, namely the ownership issue. If adopted, this new legislation would facilitate the wider application of floating urban development.

What's New

Blue Revolution Foundation Presents National Research Program for Floating Cities

Interdisciplinary applied research with scientific and societal impact is needed more than ever to address urgent challenges such as climate […]

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Rotterdam water atlas: Mapping opportunities for floating development

Rotterdam Municipality has announced a new initiative which seeks to map out the possibilities for floating development in the city.

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Blue Revolution Foundation Co-organizes World Conference on Floating Solutions

Paving the Waves: The 2nd World Conference on Floating Solutions has been an enormous success.

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Innovating in times of crisis: Digital Thinktank Governance of Floating Cities

Last week the first international and first digital meeting of the Thinktank of Governance of Floating Cities of the BlueRevolution […]

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