Climate Resilient Urban Areas: Available now

Blue Revolution co-founder, Rutger de Graaf has edited the newly published book, Climate Resilient Urban Areas: Governance, design and development in coastal delta cities.

This book describes the urgent challenge faced by cities worldwide to become resilient to climate change impacts. This challenge goes further than the ability to resist the impacts of extreme weather conditions. Coping with climate impacts and the ability to recover from them are equally important, as well as the capacity to adapt to the effects of climate change and the ability to transform the entire urban system. The book explores how the resilience journey for coastal cities in particular encompasses using scientific knowledge but also the knowledge of citizens and practitioners. Measures and strategies on different scales are needed, from national scale all the way down to neighbourhood, street level and building level. Representing the holistic nature of climate resilience, this collection contains unique insights from leading scientists and practitioners in areas of expertise such as engineering, social sciences and urban design. It will be a valuable resource for scholars, students, practitioners and policy makers interested in the development of resilient and sustainable urban environments.

Table of Contents

1)   The five pillars of climate resilience. Rutger de Graaf-van Dinther and Henk Ovink

2)   Integration of water management and urban design for climate resilient cities. Nanco Dolman

3)   Climate resilient urban retrofit at street level. Jeroen Kluck and Floris Boogaard

4)   Flood resilience of critical buildings: assessment methods and tools. Manuela Escarameia and Andrew Tagg

5)   Recovery Capacity: To Build Back Better. Frans H.M. van de Ven, Fransje Hooimeijer and Piet Storm

6)   Removing challenges for resilience building with support of the circular economy. Jeroen Rijke, Liliane Geerling, Nguyen Hong Quan and Nguyen Hieu Trung

7)   Climate resilience in urban informal settlements: Towards a transformative upgrading agenda. Matthew French, Alexei Trundle, Inga Korte and Camari Koto

8)   A transformative process for urban climate resilience: The case of Water as Leverage Resilient Cities Asia in Semarang, Indonesia. Naim Laeni, Henk Ovink, Tim Busscher, Wiwandari Handayani, and Margo van den Brink

9)   Making the transition: transformative governance capacities for a resilient Rotterdam. Arnoud Molenaar, Katharina Hölscher, Derk Loorbach and Johan Verlinde

10) Future outlook: emerging trends and key ingredients for the transition to resilient delta cities. Rutger de Graaf-van Dinther

For more information or to order the book visit: Climate Resilient Urban Areas – Governance, design and development in coastal delta cities | Rutger de Graaf | Palgrave Macmillan

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