Climate Café on floating solar

Yesterday the Climate Café on Floating Solar was held at Bomhofse plas in Zwolle Field, where Indymo and Blue Revolution Foundation participated. The event focused on the ecological impact of floating solar with monitoring conducted at several locations using underwater drones.

Participants enjoyed a highly interactive fieldwork-based event, which included a visit to the floating solar park, demonstrations of the aquatic drones and sensors from Indymo, and presentations of results from measurements made during the previous year. It was lovely to see that all attendees were involved and active throughout the process.

Floating photovoltaics (FPV) has great potentials both on inland and offshore waters. Environmental impact of FPV must be assessed and monitored in order to better understand how local ecosystems respond to the floating structures. This way, we can ensure to minimize negative environmental impact and move towards applying regenerative designs in innovative solutions.

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